Here is a nice AmigaOS 3.x, MorphOS, AROS, and AmigaOS 4 news item. This is an icon converter that is out for both Classic and Nextgen Amiga operating systems. The tool is now also out for MorphOS. I waited for it so I could make this news item. Iconverter is capable of converting MagicWB icons to Newicons. It is a tool for converting old icons so they look as intended on Amigas running a more recent operating system.

Iconverter can convert all sorts of OS 1.x and MagicWB icons to NewIcons format using the palette those icons were created for.

Note that you need to run the NewIcons extension or the new IconLib_46 on an AmigaOS 3.0 or 3.1 system in order to see the converted version of icons created by Iconverter. MorphOS is also able to show AmigaOS MagicWB and NewIcons.

Get Iconverter for the Amiga operating system You use Here

Iconverter works fine on Icaros and AROS One on x86. AmigaOS is out on 68k, PowerPC, and x86. Thanks to Iljitsch van Beijnum for supporting various Amiga platforms. Now that’s what Amitopia name a Positive Amiga Circle Developer. If you own AmigaOS 4 you can also check out this slick membar addon to put below your icons on the desktop here.

You can adjust AmigaOS a lot. Converting icons can be hazzle, but with this Amiga News item this hazzle is a less hazzle for you. Enjoy!