If you don’t have a graphics card on your Amiga and want to deliver more resources to the CPU. Then you might go for the well-known FBlit solution.

But, did you know that you can install Picasso96 and use this native driver too? Yes, you can. This program provides blitter replacement functions for users without a graphics card. So, now anyone can install Picasso96.

NOBLITTER tooltype Supported

The previous version of this Native driver replaced the blitter functions correctly, but that version did not automatically relocate any offscreen bitmaps to FastRAM, though probably many people expected this to happen. So this version includes this functionality as well.

Tooltype Settings

This native “monitor driver” also supports the NOBLITTER tooltype, the same as all other (and real) Picasso96 drivers.

NOBLITTER=YES	(the default): Blits everything by the CPU
		This was implicit in all earlier releases

NOBLITTER=NO	(new): Keeps the Amiga blitter in use if

Setting this tool type to NO keeps the native (Amiga) blitter enabled when possible, but reverts to CPU blits if either the source or the destination bitmap is in Fast memory. It is however important to know that this functionality requires Picasso96 3.3.3 (or better) as earlier versions did not support Bobs (e.g. workbench icons) in fast memory if the native blitter stays enabled.

Stronger low-end Amiga is needed

To get this Native driver going. You need a 68020 or better. AmigaOS 3.1 or higher is also needed, but I would recommend 68030+!