Is Buffee’s goal to become a 68030? Yes! Will the goal be 68030 during development? No! This new and brilliant Buffee accelerator replaces your 68000 that sits on a socket on the motherboard of the Amiga it is made for. Buffee is a physical drop-in for 68000. But it will be a 68030 accelerator in the end. That’s the goal.

Buffee is a CPU+MEM only upgrade for Amiga and all 68000 CPU socket type computers/console. Many have asked me why I have titled my postings with 68030 and the answer is that this CPU is the goal for the project. Check the Buffee roadmap below.

This is the Roadmap for Buffee

  • Phase 1 of the beta launch includes the basic 68000 instruction set only
  • Phase 2 will be implementing the 68030, FPU, and MMU code

The 68000 will only be used during the beta development of Buffee. The team will absolutely have full 68030+ working for retail launch when the product can be bought. Amitopia Amiga Magazine will follow this so that anyone asking can ask the magazine through mail at amiga 300 at amitopia dot com or to me directly on social media or on IRC/Discord.

Buffee will support 68030 opcodes. That is the goal for this product.