Its time to show that any Amiga can play Doom! Play it and show it on-line! Any Amiga with 68030 or higher can do it. But I recommend 68060 or higher if you want to play the AGA version of Doom. On Warp 68060, Vampire 68080, or PowerPC there is no problem. And now ZDoom v1.22 is out for RTG Amigas with 68060 or higher. It’s time to kill some monsters!

Back in the days, there were even huge words from ID Software employee John Carmack that Amiga isn’t powerful enough to run Doom.

Most PC gaming software companies like ID Software only thought of Amiga as only Amiga 500, Amiga 600, or Amiga 1200. None at ID Software or at any other PC related companies knew that Amiga is a computer. Instead, everyone thought of it to be a console because of the automatic floppy drive reading mechanism that all Amigas got. Yes, even the big-box Amigas got it.

But then Amiga 3D FPS games such as Alien Breed 3D, Breathless and Trapped II to name a few came out and proved everyone wrong. Amiga can run 3D FPS games if its feed with a strong enough CPU such as 68030, 68040, 68060, 68080, or PowerPC.

What John Carmack wrote was partly true. The Doom releases after 1997 prove that any unexpanded Amiga runs Doom slower than on any PC with the same CPU speed and amount of memory. But what John Carmack and many of the x-Amigans that jumped over to the PC didn’t understand is remarkable. The Amiga line of computers is as with any PC out there. It is a personal computer.

The true fact is that you can upgrade any Amiga computer either it is low-end or big-box as you want. So, for big-box Amigas, you could upgrade them with graphics cards like on any PC. The only thing that would prevent you to buy a Zorro graphics card was the price.

So, most Amiga users in the middle of the ’90s didn’t buy them. But playing Doom on any Amiga with a 68030 or 68040 with a graphics card installed got the same FPS numbers as any 386 or 486. On 68060, 68080, or PowerPC the FPS is even better when playing Doom on a RTG screenmode.

ZDOOM for Amiga is finally Here for strong Amigas

You need an RTG Amiga with a 68060 processor and 32MB of FAST RAM is needed to run ZDOOM on Amiga. So a 68060 + RTG configuration in your Amiga must have to make ZDoom run.

ZDoom is a huge upgrade from the original Doom. Here you have many new features. It is a source port and it is originally based on ATB Doom and NTDOOM.

Run the Chaos Engine 3D mod on the Amiga

ZDoom has added many additional features, including slopes, uncapped framerate, and z-clipping.

The large number of features supported by ZDoom made it the port of choice for several independent game projects, notably Foreverhood, Action Doom 2: Urban Brawl, Chex Quest 3, and Harmony. But also smaller projects such as Chaos Engine 3D will now work on the Amiga, even though it’s not completed.

The Chaos Engine 3D mod currently features two levels from World 1 of the original game, each of which has been recreated in 3D. This ZDoom mod proves to be a clever, yet wonderfully silly experiment, and you can grab yourself a copy of the mod download here.

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Download ZDoom from Aminet here