What if some humankind styles became standard much earlier in a parallel universe? Then we might get an Amiga 500 like this one in the Steampunk version. Retro Gadget Man revealed this amazing Amiga 500 that doesn’t look like it at all.

This is the Amiga Creativity I am looking for around. Important to make the world aware of these amazing people.

Here is his completed Commodore Amiga 500, in Steampunk version made over the course of a year from found objects and some hand-made parts. This is a Revision 5 Amiga with Kickstart 1.3 and 512KB RAM upgrade. The original floppy drive was faulty so RGM had to get a Gotek drive.

Remarkable achievement for sure! A gem that needs way more attention according to my Amiga book of life. My deepest respect goes to this man.

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