The criteria for these series of Audio Player Amiga reviews is that the Audio Players works on 68000 to 68080, and on the nextgen PowerPC operating systems AmigaOS 4.x and MorphOS 3.x – Here we want to reveal some of the apps that is much easier to use, got the best playlist functions and overall works as it should. These audio players should also be able to play WAV,¬† MP2, MP3 and OGG sound files. So, let’s roll on! Here is SongPlayer!

Let’s do a Review of SongPlayer

SongPlayer is Available for AmigaOS 3.x and MorphOS with MUI 3.3 or higher

Since the end of the 90’s. I have been using SongPlayer audio player for Amiga as one of my main audio players. I was using it on my Amiga 1200 with 68030 50MHz setup earlier, and since 2004 I also had it running on our MorphOS machines at Amitopia office until today. I am still saying that this audio player for Amiga is still One of the best Audio Players for any system out there in my own view. Yes, I want to even go as far as saying that it is even better to use than AmigaAMP (which is based on WinAMP) and AmiNetRadio because of its minimalistic form.

Stephane Tavenard managed to create this audio player, so that it just works out of the box for users with AmigaOS 3.x and MorphOS with MUI 3.8 installed. It also works on 68030 50MHz, but then you need to adjust all of the settings to low and Mono. On 68040 you can reach Medium, while on 68060 or even 68080 you can have all of the audio settings on full without any issues.

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Works amazingly on 68080 accelerated Amiga setups

On 68060, 68080 and on PowerPC this audio player for Amiga shines. On the video above you can see SongPlayer playing the Metropolice demoscene song without issues on 68080.

SongPlayer doesn’t have advanced skin functionalities like AmigaAMP or AmiNetRadio. But it shines at speed. The MUI sliders and everything can be changed as you want though. The buttons can be replaced too. But that’s it. Even all of the Scopes and Meters animation visualizations are nicely animated in a dedicated MUI window, which is pretty cool. Every button on the player’s front end can also be switched on and off in the settings without any difficulties. All of these features makes this app very system friendly, and there are no lags while changing them neither. If the player is playing something, the audio changes that you have saved won’t be affected until you start a new sound file to play after last save. Great!

Also. Including having support for Paula 8-bit and Paula 14-bit sound. SongPlayer is an advanced AHI player too. So, you can use AHI configurations that uses a Amiga sound card driver. This is fine, especially for those Amiga users with 68030 and DelfinaDSPLite with a DSP set at 70MHz. Then you can play MP3’s in full quality without any CPU usage at all, leaving the CPU for all other tasks. Quite handy.

Plays Modern Audio files but not Amiga MODs

Including being able to play audio files, SongPlayer can also be a Audio CD Player. Which is good. However, if there is anything to nag about is that then it is that there is no native version available for AmigaOS 4.x Other than that. SongPlayer shows that you don’t need to go big. You can be simple and smart too deliver. The app should have streaming capabilities also. Also the lack of support for Amiga MOD songs is maybe the biggest negative side.¬†Both AmigaAMP and AmiNetRadio got this. Also Hippo Player do this even, even though that feature is very buggy in it.

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Songplayer is a Audio player app that doesn’t require so much of you. It plays music, but it lacks streaming of music and Amiga MOD support. When it comes to playing WAV, OGG, MP3, MP2 and Audio CD’s this audio app shines. Also, it got both Bass and Treble audio adjustment options if you want that.

This audio player for Amiga is for sure one of the best ones and its totally free on Aminet. Get it here if you want.


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Source: Amitopia Own Experience, SongPlayer AmigaGuide