AmigaONE X5000, AmigaOne future, Nextgen Amiga, AmigaOS4 Hyperion Issues

A new PowerPC based Amiga is now getting launched as AmigaOne X5000. The price is tough, but for every hardcore Amigafan, X5000 is the next thing. X1000 was such success that A-EON now have provided the next AmigaOne version called X5000. From Trevor Dickinson’s blog: Close encounters of the X5000Continue Reading

ACube Systems is pleased to announce a new release of the U-Boot firmware for its Sam440ep motherboards (mini-itx and flex versions). What’s new in this version: – improved gfx cards setup, it solves compatibility problems with some Radeon HD cards – better internal PCI bridge setup for a slight fasterContinue Reading

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