Tired of listening to Spotify? Try AmigaRemix instead! It is one of the most amazing sites containing remixes of Amiga game tunes. I love this site!

The types of tunes that are totally free to download are remixes of Amiga demoscene productions, game intros, in-game tracks and much more from various games released for the Amiga home computer.

Download For Fun

For ANY commercial use or public redistribution, you must contact the artist of the remix and agree with their terms or at least give proper attribution.


You can use the tunes you download in your video creations if it’s not commercial. But if you want to use the songs in commercial productions, then make sure to contact the author of the song if it is ok.

AmigaRemix is a remarkable service that provides new and old mixes of well-known soundtracks of Amiga games and demos as MP3 files for download.

The site gets updates now and then. So, make sure to check it out.

Version 2.0 of AmigaRemix is Here

The previous version of the site was nice, but it also had some bugs. Especially the searching part. But that is all history now because of Version 2.0!

AmigaRemix version 2.0 of the website improves the submission of tracks to the site. You can Submit your remix as an MP3 file with a constant bitrate of at least 192 kbps, preferably higher. The maximum file size is 256MB.

In the near future, AmigaRemix should also get the possibility to download the whole archive via torrents also, which will be handy amiganews.de reveals.