The gameĀ MeMo is inspired by the card game “Memory”. In the Amiga world, this type of game is known in the bonus parts of Deluxe Galaga where you get this type of memory game. Simone Bevilacqua which is behind the ‘MeMo’ is a game for Amiga made two players mode (screenshots) for having even more fun. This update provides the following changes:

  • Fixed/improved music
  • Updated P61 code with the latest version (P6112)
  • Replaced TV Sports: Football card with SkillGrid’s
  • Added old-style 4 color icon
  • Fixed/improved manual

You can read more about this game on the Amiga News site and even download them from their site news item here.

Great Amiga News for gamers of our platform. A fantastic small game for the weekend. It is cute too! Amitopia love these type of Amiga games.