From Revision 2021

Revision is an old-type of computer party held in Saarbr├╝cken, Germany. It is a computer party for all sorts of platforms, but since Amitopia is an Amiga magazine. I focus on giving you all of the Amiga Events!

I only list up the events with Amiga content, but there’s much more to see also. The Amiga OCS / ECS entries are accepted in Oldskool 4K Intro, Oldskool Graphics, and Oldskool Music. At these shows, you might also see entries for other computer platforms.

Amiga Timetable at Revision 2024

Saturday 30 March
18.00: Oldskool Music
23.00: Amiga Intro

Sunday 31 March
16.00: Oldskool Graphics
18.00: Oldskool 4K Intro
22.00: Amiga Demo

Except for Amiga Intro and Amiga Demo. You will see mixed platforms. Also, the Amiga Demo starts later than 22.00. You can chat with others about Revision and tons of other topics on their Discord here. Enjoy!