Amiga AGA Demo by Insane 2018 3r0hw is the Winner at Datastorm in Sweden

At Datastorm this year, lot’s of Amiga entertainment happened. RJ Mical (Amiga maker from Commodore) visited the event and also many Amiga Demoscene production was released at the party. This Amiga AGA demo by Insane won the Amiga 1200 Demo compo with 253 points. It might not be the best visual ride for all, but the music made this the winner for sure. It gives you that funky end of the summer feeling for people upnorth in this world.

A fantastic Amiga AGA demo with a unique tune! We love it! But it wasn’t the only production released! Just check out all Amiga Demo and Creativity releases below.

Watch 3r0hw Amiga AGA Demo by Insane that won at Datastorm 2018

Fantastic demo! But that wasn’t all of it. Peek by Spaceballs was also a winner in the Amiga 500 Demo compo. This demo got 295 points, but it needs those red and blue anaglyphic 3D glasses. Without them. This demo is simply a bit pain to watch 🙂 ! But overall its a fantastic demo too.

Here are the results for the Amiga Demoscene compos at Datastorm 2018

AMIGA 500 DEMO Results

1. #02 295 pts PEEK – Spaceballs
2. #01 224 pts Bomb – iNSANE


1. #05 253 pts 3R0HW – iNSANE
2. #03 156 pts Gurkan – DATAMAN
3. #04 153 pts Pill – Wine Design
4. #02 141 pts A Greetztro – Nah-Kolor
5. #01 107 pts Meta Brain – DATAMAN


1. #02 245 pts Splatblob – Blueberry / Loonies
2. #01 135 pts Last minute – Skaraborg Allstars


1. #03 219 pts STINSPIRATION – ALPA
2. #05 214 pts yo alaska – tecon / planet.jazz & desire
3. #04 213 pts Spacedemic – notorious
4. #02 172 pts Overbelicht – Wertstahl


1. #02 269 pts one more day – jok
2. #03 265 pts Rhino – Facet of Lemon & Magic of Nah-Kolor
3. #05 246 pts Santiago Dreams of Luck – Grip / Onslaught
4. #04 217 pts Bird is the word – Sunday
5. #01 148 pts The goat and the cabin – MiDWaN

It really looks like Datastorm is a bigger Amiga related computer party which is a worthy visit soon. It is located in Gothenburg, Sweden. So it’s pretty central and its easy to park near the arena too. Never been to this event, but it seems to focus a lot on Amiga and the Retro scene. Which is pretty awesome. Next year maybe?



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