The very first signs of a version of AmiFox being able to Download items are in development.

AmiFox will be able to do more soon! In the near feasible future, AmiFox will be able to not just browse the web, but also Download applications from the net such as Aminet to your Amiga. This feature of AmiFox will happen sooner than later according to our developer alb42, which I am looking forward to.

However, it is not clear if it will find its way to the very first public release of AmiFox or not.

The same goes for AmiSSL as we really want that every Amiga user can surf the net with their own identity that no one that runs the Server can see.

The Beta of AmiFox is Out!

Now, until the first public release. The AmiDev Team consisting of alb42, mcdope, and I Amix must thank all of the amazing beta testers. You are all responsible for giving us valuable information back. We want that AmiFox will change WWW browsing on Classic Amiga forever.

This beta phase of the Development of AmiFox helps us make the best WWW browser for the Amiga low-end platform.

If you want to become a beta tester, join our Discord channel. Provide us with your Amiga specifications, Download the beta, and report back. Also, we like to know what type of AmigaOS you use and the Datatypes you have installed.

Together with the awesome Amiga community, AmiFox will be a great product.