Something is going on in Suomi, Finland. Finnish Amiga User Group Association (which is one of many Amiga User Groups worldwide) is preparing the Amiga event of the year in the country, named as Saku 2018. It will be held in Oulu, Finland on 22nd of September. On this day, Oulu town will be turned positively upside down. A totally fresh, new and impressive Amiga event which is a totally free to enter will be held.

Saku is a yearly Amiga event in Finland and on 22nd of September the doors opens at 14.00 and lasts until midnight. Impressive! 

Saku 2018 Amiga User Group Event in Oulu Finland on 22nd September from 14.00 to Midnight

Saku 2018 Amiga User Group Event in Oulu Finland on 22nd September from 14.00 to MidnightFinnish Amiga Users Group holds its 11th Saku event in Oulu, Finland

Alert to all Amigan’s in the Nordic region of Europe! On Saturday, September 22nd from 14.00 this event is full of Activity.

The event will feature many classic Amiga setups from A500 to A4000, FPGA computers like Minimig and MIST, and next generation systems from MorphOS machines to AmigaOne X5000.

The Commodore Story documentary film will be shown on a big screen, and there will be a presentation about AmiKit X emulation package. One lucky visitor will also win a free copy of AmiKit X.

There will be several game competitions to attend and the best players will be awarded. The latest Amiga Future magazines are available for reading, as well as older magazines from all decades.

Admittance is free of charge and refreshments will be available. Saku 2018 will start at 14:00 on September 22nd at Oulun Tetra ground floor conference room at Mäkelininkatu 31.

It really looks like this is an Amiga event you shouldn’t miss. So much going on and its for free. Book that flight ticket if you can Now!

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Event Schedule at Saku 2018 Amiga event in Oulu, Finland worth knowing Something about

  • 14.00 – Free play and fun playing throughout the event *)
  • 14.30 – The Commodore Story Documentary (1st Story)
  • 17.00 – AmiKit presentation and one AmiKit package draw
  • 18.00 – The Chiptune Story documentary film
  • 19.00 – The Commodore Story Documentary Film (2nd Story)
  • 21.00 – The day’s competition will end and the winners will be rewarded **)
  • 21.00 – Multiplayer Games with Smallest Prizes
  • 24.00 – Machine compression begins
    *) Gaming machines in free use regardless of any other program.
    **) If you are no longer present, prizes will be mailed if you have left your contact details.


Saku 2018 Amiga User Group Event in Oulu Finland on 22nd September from 14.00 to Midnight
Viva Amiga watching at the previous Saku Amiga event in Finland

Insane Amiga configurations is also One of the highlights at Saku 2018

Finnish Amiga User Group Association wrote to us at Amitopia in the mail that visitors will witness some really insane classic Amiga configurations. They reveal that there will be one Amiga 4000 with 4-6 graphics cards and Amiga 3000 with 7 operating systems etc. These guys are good at envy me a lot. Next Year! I hope to come!

So, there is no excuse for you out there which doesn’t have any plans on 22nd of September. If you can, go and see Saku 2018 in Oulu, Finland. It’s worth it and when its totally Free even too. It’s a brilliant Amiga event.

Thanks so much to Finnish Amiga Users Association that gave us so much information to share about this event. It’s great to see that Amiga community in Finland is so active. We Love You! … and we do love to see even more Suomi people sitting in a lake naked and drinking beer! 😉 With a beach boingball too?..  I hope there is a sauna near that lake… ref… Amiga Bill’s stream which is from The Guru Meditation!

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Saku 2018 Amiga User Group Event in Oulu Finland on 22nd September from 14.00 to Midnight

Please visit the users group’s website at for more information

Finnish Amiga User Group Association says Welcome to Saku 2018



Source and Photosource: Finnish Amiga User Group Association