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Amitopia Feature by Michal Bergseth

Power of the Amiga is its Community

Since 1985 when Commodore launched Amiga, it had communities supporting it. In fact one of the very first Amiga user groups were launched together with the launch of Amiga and some from the era is still doing fine. In this article I want to address why Amiga is still so alive. Its not because of its owners. Its thankfully to its loyal Amiga community users. Either its red, blue or black today. All of these Amiga camps have the same goal. To get Amiga back!

Amiga32 in Neuss, Germany

Such Amiga event like Amiga32 showing what great Communities can achieve. Hundreds of Amiga users at one place talking and having constructive moment

Amiga User Groups Everywhere

Several PC magazines and sites have always written that Amiga is dead. That it wont come back or even when something is starting up. Amiga is Back “again” they write. But thats only bits of envy by them that they will never ever reveal to any Amiga user.

Most of the PC users doesn’t understand that the Amiga community is whats keeping the Amiga alive. Its not any of the Amiga owners after the demise of ESCOM in 1996, as they have never delivered what the community want.

The fight over the Amiga rights and all of suing each other without thinking about Amiga’s future is so un-mature. Some of these are still just kids in their minds and that hurts Amiga’s progress. Which is a sad reality.

But the Amiga is a Survivor like no other. No other computer got such strong community like Amiga. And thats why you will never see Amiga dead. Because both software and hardware 3rd party developers is making sure that Amiga never dies.

You find Amiga User Groups in almost every country. Some are more active than others. But they all have been part of the Amiga’s success. They are the real reason for Amiga’s survival. They are the living Game Of Thrones battle for Amiga’s survival on the web and in social media.

Not only are these Amiga User Groups a Survival but they also get Amiga users to meet other Amiga users. Amitopia have been to several German Amiga meetings hosted by various Amiga User Groups there and even in Sweden. They provide the Amiga the survival bits that it needs. They are the living force that makes Amiga surviving today.

So next time you discuss anything Amiga related, you should

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know that these Amiga User Groups will make sure for Amiga survival for a very long time. The most active ones got several meetings a year. Which makes it very social.

So do check out websites such as Amiga News, Amigaworld and Amitopia for information about these Amiga User Groups and when they have Amiga meetings.

Syntax Society in Landskrona where Amitopia been at many times got over 4 bigger meetings a year with their Christmas Amiga related party being our trip of the year.

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Not Only Amiga User Groups

Amiga User Groups have helped the Amiga a lot. But also lots of unique and great Amiga people such as Johnny at Amiten TV and Bill at The Guru Meditation stream. Vamped Amiga group on Telegram is also worth mentioning. Focusing on Vampire 68080 but also about anything Amiga related.

These Amiga connections are the new breed that provides external interest to the world. At these Amiga services they let Amiga people discuss and at the same time being entertained at the same time. User groups are nice but they can only provide meetings at certain times. These Amiga streams can provide meetings between Amiga users much more often.

But thats not all! Amiga users can be found on social media. So make sure you use Facebook the right way. I use Facebook as a modern type of Newsgroup alternative. Here you have several Amiga Groups. Some are more serious than others. So choose those groups where you feel best at.

Other than social media you also have Internet Relay Chat aka IRC. Thousands of Amiga users still uses it. On Freenode there are many Amiga channels and they are quite healthy some of them. Most of Amiga users chat by using IRC since AmIRC is such a nice app for it.

So now we hope that you have got a small introduction into Amiga’s success. If you want the Amiga computer to survive. Support your nearest Amiga User Group, support the Amiga people that streams often like Amiten TV, be active on social media Amiga groups and even contatc other Amiga users directly on IRC. Welcome to the Amiga community. It will never die!

Source: Amitopia Own Experience

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