Music Angel friends Portable Speaker for Amiga Review

Most of gadget reviews on-line regarding Music Angel products is often tested using the very latest technology, but we wanted to test this popular portable speaker called friends from Music Angel. This gadget will also work on any other Amiga or Atari machine also, but our Amiga 1200 test machine was available so Read On…!

Music Angel connected to Amiga 1200

Hippo Player playing MODs

Connecting Music Angel to Amiga 1200
Hooking up this portable speaker is easy. You just need a cable that can send minijack tones to phone connectors. They are usually very cheap at any bigger electronic store. Once this is done, there is nothing more to do. No need to install anything on your Amiga 1200 at all (except if you haven’t installed a music player app).

But! Before you actually try to listen to something. Distrita as the only media can reveal that Music Angel friends doesn’t have a physical volume button. And this actually makes a big issue as on the Amiga, because Paula (the sound chip inside every Amiga from Commodore) sound is set at the highest. This means that every game released for Amiga will have too loud sound as it is played at maximum level. There is simply no physical way of turning the volume down. On other devices like iOS, Android or even Mac or PC this is not an issue, but on the Amiga this is.

Music Angel friends

Great Paula 8bit quality

Volume can be Adjusted, but it is Very Limited on Amiga!
If you don’t want to damage speakers of your Music Angel and your ears, then you can actually listen to MODs, MP3s or anything else that is using apps with volume control. AmigaOS 3.x never had this builtin, so programs needs to have it and luckily they all implemented volume handling.

The physical volume buttons on this portable device is its worst enemy. Because the speakers are really good. Also even if you can adjust the sound on other devices, it would be very nice if the portable speakers had it anyway. Sometimes it’s just easier to change the volume by adjusting using physical buttons in case you do something else and wants to do just that.

Music Angel Review

Where is the Volume button!?

MODs just sounds Excellent with Music Angel friends
Despite that the speakers don’t have volume buttons, doesn’t mean that the speakers itself are bad. Infact they are very good. If you are like me which listens a lot to MP3s, YouTube music and WAVs etc. When returning back to Amiga and it’s 8bit Paula sound might be hard. But Music Angel proves me as with any other speakers connected to Amiga. 8bit sound just sounds better on Amiga. It is the most pure and fantastic 8bit sound and even if most of the MOD songs are only made in 4 stereo channels. Amiga delivers and even to such new portable music gadget like Music Angel friends is.

  • Sound quality
  • Features
  • Device
  • Functions
  • Lifespan

Music Angel friends Final Verdict

All in all, Music Angel friends is an excellent product. For anything today, it is very useable. But for a retro machine like Amiga 1200 from 1992, this device is both excellent and the worst device to have at the same time. Blasting thru the meteroids in Super Stardust or jumping in Superfrog is simply not working, if you connect it directly to Amiga. Maybe there are some adapters with volume on them? I don’t know. Where is the volume wheel or button???

More info
Music Angel Website

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