So many strange things are happening in the Amiga world. So it is nice to have an Open Source alternative. AROS is old but in heavy development after Vampire invited all of the great AROS developers to code for their 68080 core FPGA accelerators and for Vampire V4 Standalone.

Amitopia Amiga Magazine got many questions regarding AROS on Vampire. So here is our FAQ. We will fill it up with more answers at any time.

What is AROS?

The AROS Research Operating System is a lightweight, efficient, and flexible desktop operating system, designed to help you make the most of your computer. It’s an independent, portable and free project, aiming at being compatible with AmigaOS at the API level (like Wine, unlike UAE), while improving on it in many areas. The source code is available under an open source license, which allows anyone to freely improve upon it.

Why is AROS made for Vampire?

Because some just wants an Open Source AmigaOS alternative. Also OWB webkit browser is available for it which makes the new Amiga 68k platform more up to date.

Does the Vampire V4 Standalone ship with AROS?

Yes. All of the V4 Standalone ships with AROS Kickstart and now it is also comes with a preinstalled card.

You are free to start AROS but since December 2019 you will need Classic to install AROS there and then transfer files to Vampire V4 Standalone. The Apollo Team are in long term comitment to bring AROS into new heights. The Amiga 68k future is bright!

Is it possible to use the Win32DiskImager?

Apparently under any Windows versions that can run Win32DiskImager. You can use this app to write hdf image (you can fetch on our daily compiles) to cf/sd/hd (which can be connected to a pc via appropriate interface).

However the AROS images that is created dont need to be installed. I never need to install it. You simply copy over the files that you want to use.

So if you write the hdf to a sd/cf/hd you will get a bootable drive as result.

Where can I get AROS resources for AROS 68k?

Is it possible to Boost the Vampire AROS 68k development?

Yes it is!

To Boost AROS for V2 or V4 please donate by using this link here, Support the awesome AROS developers as much as you can, when you can. They do all the work in their freetime and makes sure that Amiga lives on.

Amitopia Amiga Magazine is committed to helping Apollo Team. We love what they do. Our service is to help the knowledge of these majestic and very interesting Amiga compatible hardware projects.

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