IBrowse seems to be on the move. On their website, www.ibrowse-dev.net someone from the IBrowse development team wrote this:

AmiSSL v4 for OS3 and OS4 has now been released and is available for download from https://github.com/jens-maus/amissl/releases. However, please not that IBrowse 2.4 will not be able to make use of this, but you should install it over AmiSSL v3 anyway, as applications will start to be released that use it (YAM, for example). IBrowse 2.5 (when released) will require AmiSSL v4, and was been adapted to use it some months ago.

IBrowse was one of my first world wide web browsers back in the 1990s. My only computer for some years, was my Amiga 1200 that I used from 1994 to 2001. In that time I got used to all of the AmiTCP, Miami and TermiteTCP configuration nightmares. But it worked!

It is nice to see a new AmiSSL release and I really hope a lot for IBrowse 2.5 release now in 2017.


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