On Saturday at 22.00GMT, the host of AmitenTV (Amiga channel Number 1 in Spain) will have a very interesting interview with the CEO of A-EON. This is the company behind AmigaOne X1000 and AmigaOne X5000 PowerPC AmigaOS 4.1 compatible machines. But thats not all! A-EON did also release the Prisma Megamix soundcard last year for both Amiga 1200 and Zorro based Amigas.

To see this show, you need a PC or a MAC web browser that is up to date and supports YouTube stream. You can also use Odyssey web browser for AmigaOS 4.1, MorphOS or AROS also.

Trevor Dickinson A-EON Interview on AmitenTV, 28th of January at 22.00GMT
Trevor Dickinson A-EON Interview AmitenTV

Check out Amiten TV Here on Saturday 28th of January 2017 at 22.00GMT for the Trevor Dickinson Interview

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