Tower 57

Finally! Tower57 game is now out for all AmigaOS4, MorphOS and AROS users that have backed up the game on kickstarter. Amitopia have tested the game on both iBook G4 1.33GHz and PowerMac G5 2GHz with MorphOS 3.9 installed. Tower 57 plays ok on iBook G4 with certain slowdowns inContinue Reading

boxx for Amiga

Boxx Trilogy.. Where have you been Today I am trying something new. While thinking of a game to review that hasn’t been done 100 time before and searching endlessly though archives, I had a thought; “why not review a new game”. Away I scurried deep into the internet like aContinue Reading

Waxworks horror review

Waxworks A Horror Crawler WHOOOO Spooky times are coming and what better way to kick off the haunting season than with Horrorsoft’s Amiga classic: Waxworks. Well old Uncle Boris has done it again YEP, that’s right! He’s only gone and died, And now its up to you too free yourContinue Reading