AmigaON Ontario Canada

On 7th of April 2018, the Canadian Amiga community had a nice meeting in Ontario, Canada called AmigaON. Robbie Strike went down to AmigaOn in Brockville Ontario Canada to look at some cool Amiga stuff! AmigaOn Amiga Convention Meeting was a successful Amiga gathering Here all of the visitors couldContinue Reading

There is something really social about Amiga meetups worldwide. Its like if Amigan’s knows their family. Even if you meet an Amiga user, you feel that hes been your friend all of your life. That’s a bit special and very special for a computer community for sure. Here we haveContinue Reading

Amiga32 report

Amitopia was at Amiga32, A-EON was there, MorphOS Team was there, Hyperion was there and the Vampire Team was there. My brilliant sponsors at Amedia Computer France had a huge stand which Amitopia had a small area of, Alinea Computer, Amigakit and other Amiga supporters was also at the event.Continue Reading