A-EON with great Announcement for Enhancer Software Graphics Users

  A-EON Technology is pleased to release the Enhancer Software Graphics Upgrade on AMIStore App Store. It is now available to download on Updater tool for those who have ordered it. This upgrade introduces two important features Breaking the 256MB Video memory barrier in Warp3D Nova and Warp3D “Classic” Southern Islands Polaris chipset 2D andContinue Reading

Amiga32 report

Amitopia was at Amiga32, A-EON was there, MorphOS Team was there, Hyperion was there and the Vampire Team was there. My brilliant sponsors at Amedia Computer France had a huge stand which Amitopia had a small area of, Alinea Computer, Amigakit and other Amiga supporters was also at the event.Continue Reading

MorphOS 3.10 at AmiWest 2017

Amitopia have just got some nice information regarding MorphOS 3.10 at AmiWest 2017. Trevor Dickinson told amiganews.de that MorphOS 3.10 was demonstrated on AmigaOne X5000 and that many have reported back to Acill that MorphOS 3.10 seems to run faster and be more stable than AmigaOS 4.x on it. IContinue Reading

Vampire V4 and A1222 Tabor

The positive race is on between AmigaOS 68k and AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS. With both PowerPC and 68k Amiga machines now getting more power and even users. The future is bright for the Amiga in 2017. In this article we look at the differences between choices you have when youContinue Reading