Gloom Deluxe Revealed for Amiga

Amiga Gaming Exclusive by Javier Vega Gloom Deluxe Revealed for all Amiga fans Back in the times when Amiga was a young master in 3D FPS shooters and no one believed in that Doom would ever work on an Amiga. Something happened when Gloom Deluxe got released. The Gloom DeluxeContinue Reading

Out Run for Amiga is a Great Arcade Conversion

Speed! Power! The road’s all yours! Hot car. Hot music. Sensational scenery. It’s all part of the home computer version of one of the hottest games ever to hit the arcade circuit. Slip inside one of the fastest machines on four wheels. Then step on it. In Out Run youContinue Reading

Golden Axe for Amiga is One of The BEST Conversions

  Hello my name is Javi and I am writing my first review for this sacred site of the Amiga game Golden Axe while I listen to DoomSword’s album “My Name Will Live On” for take inspiration of Dark Heavy/Doom Metal that matches with epic themed Amiga conversion of GoldenContinue Reading