Amitopia TV is back on Thursday 1st of June 2017 at 19.00 ! The show is full packed! It will have lot’s for everyone that loves Amiga computer! We unite Amiga connections and productions! Welcome to an evening with quality Television alike programs!

Program Schedule! 1st of June

  • 19.00: Amiga Update
  • 19.10: AmiReporters
  • 19.25: Paula Powered Xtra
  • 19.30: The Amiga Book flick through
  • 19.45: Trevor Dickinson Interview
  • 20.10: AmigaScene Zone
  • 20.30: Amitopia Live
  • 21.00: Amiga Update
  • 21.10: Glenn Keller Interview
  • 21.40: Closed

Trevor Dickinson is the person behind A-EON and Glenn Keller is behind the famous Paula soundchip inside every classic Amiga computer and console! Thanks to The Guru Meditation for letting me broadcasting these shows on Amitopia. Welcome!


The Net at our office is too bad today! So, the whole show will be Uploaded when done today!