Tower 57

Finally! Tower57 game is now out for all AmigaOS4, MorphOS and AROS users that have backed up the game on kickstarter. Amitopia have tested the game on both iBook G4 1.33GHz and PowerMac G5 2GHz with MorphOS 3.9 installed. Tower 57 plays ok on iBook G4 with certain slowdowns inContinue Reading

AROS 64-bit and SMP Introduction

AROS is now the very first AmigaOS that now has 64-bit and SMP support. The news is spreading and on which writes about Amiga quite rare. I found this note today and got positive shocked on a Monday morning! After many years of active development, AROS finally seems toContinue Reading

AROS Archives Filler

One of the most addictive games beside bowling, shufflepuck must be one of them. Now you can play it on AROS. This is a Amiga/AtariST inspired version for AROS and is totally free to try as it is fully open source. Description:  Play shufflepuck with Tux or Arcana. Download: Continue Reading