The 5 Most Popular Articles on Amitopia Revealed

Here we reveal the 5 most Popular Articles that have been read the last 7 days. We want you to get more insight on how Amitopia is doing and so I decided to make articles like this regarding what you people likes to click on and read about on Amitopia.

Here is our 5 Most Popular Articles on Amitopia list


It really shows how much popularity Vampire V4 have reached the world. Not only does Amiga sites inform the world about a brighter Amiga future. But also many sites outside of the Amigaworld. This makes me very happy and it really looks like that our 5 Most Popular Articles on Amitopia reflects that quite a lot.

Not only Vampire V4 – Our Trapped II article jumped up since Yesterday

Yes, this article does have Vampire V4 mentioned in it but its rather a article revealing a game that shouldn’t be forgetten. It’s too important regarding the history of Amiga Games been released.

Amitopia tends to bring you up to date news and Much more everyday as we have something to give you. The Amiga market seems to go forward now and that helps Amitopia’s popularity also.




GrafX2 for Amiga
GrafX2 ported for AmigaOS with RTG support
Zaher Sai
Interview with a big Amiga interested person in Syria, Zaher Sai
Amiga Club Meeting
Belgium presents a fantastic and nice Amiga Club Meeting in Belgium, Europe
Apollo Team
Apollo Team is Asking for Your Help! Amiga future is in Your Hands!
Only Amiga Made 3D FPS
Do Not Underestimate Only Amiga Made 3D FPS Games – Trapped II
Gloom Deluxe
Gloom Deluxe Retro Review
Review of MUIMapparium
Review of MUIMapparium 0.4 – OpenStreetmap Viewer for Amiga
AmiBird Review
Review of Flappy Bird clone for Amiga
Zaher Sai
Interview with a big Amiga interested person in Syria, Zaher Sai
Gilbert Tan Interview
Interview with Gilbert Tan about Amiga Usage in Philippines, Asia
Interview with Paula Powered! A digital music punk band with pure Amiga love
MagicASL does wonder for AmigaOS 3.1 File Requester
Max Knight Released for Free on Aminet
Max Knight is a totally New Amiga game, Released for Free on Aminet
Aminet Filler on Amitopia
Keyfile for Hippo Player Released
Aminet Filler on Amitopia
Get TinyLauncher! A fast frontend to launch WHDLoad games and more
AROS Archives Filler
Odyssey webkit web browser Update
AROS Archives Filler
Shufflepuck Cafe game ported to AROS
AROS Archives Filler
SnapIT grabbs your AROS screens like no other
AROS Archives Filler
Cinnamon Writer is ported to AROS
MorphOS Files Filler 2
Transform bitmaps into vector graphics with Potrace 1.14
MorphOS Files Filler 2
Hollywood Player out for MorphOS
MorphOS Files Filler 2
AmigaOS 3.x skin released for MorphOS
Get beautiful storage gauges under your HD partition icons with Fuelgauge
Quickstarter for AmigaOS 4
A intuitive program start menu called Quickstarter for AmigaOS 4
OS4Depot Filler AmigaOS 4
Use MPlayer as YouTube player? Get YT, which is a YouTube Extractor for AmigaOS 4
OS4Depot Filler AmigaOS 4
Convert Pixel art to Vector graphics in AmigaOS 4